Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ain’t No Love In Motown!

The stage was set last night, game 3 of 4 of the season series between the Celtics and Pistons at the Palace in Auburn Hills, MI. I can’t even explain to you how much hatred the fans of Detroit have for Paul Pierce and Kendrik Perkins. They call Paul a ‘Cry Baby’ and Perk a ‘Neanderthal’. Although at times it was kind of amusing to hear the fans express themselves in a childish manner, it was also embarrassing to see once a city so NBA strong to be so NBA weak. The attendance was a bit over half full! A Friday night game against the defending champs and you’re not sold out! WTF? I know times are tough but damn!

Back to Perk. All the fans in the Detroit kept saying all game that they can match with the Celtics except for Perkins… He was the X-factor. When Perk man handled Maxiell the fans were ready to jump on the court and beat the life outta Perkins. My buddy Mark and I starting high fiving, hugging each other and jumping up and down, celebrating despite the flagrant 2 call Perk received! That’s why we love Perk. His presence alone is startling! With Perk out of the game and minutes to play in the 4th the Pistons were down by 6 points and they couldn’t finish. With or without Perk the Pistons can’t beat Boston. The Pistons are officially a dead franchise. The sad thing is NOBODY ATTENDED THE FUNERAL!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Yes...That Just Happened BOOOYAH!

Last night in Orlando the Celtics held the Magic to there lowest FG% of the season (38.2%) also there lowest point total after the first 2 quarters (36pts) and there lowest pt total of the season (80pts). The Magic are a fantastic 3pt shooting team and Celtics knew that holding them to 7-22 and (31.8%) from the arc and only allowing 3 fast break pts!

The big story of the game had to be the play of Big Baby. He was making himself open at all the right times. Pushing himself away from the Magics defense and finding his sweet spot scoring 16pts and grabbing 4 reb. Man he can knock those jumpers down. On the defensive end Big Baby made it real uncomfortable for Dwight underneath the basket and ultimately took him out of his realm. Big Baby brought Dwight back to reality allowing him to score only 11pts and 11reb on the night. Late in the fourth quater Dwight got fouled out with 2:30 left. The game at that point was pretty much a lock. One thing i noticed was that the Celtics never double teamed Dwight all game....Go figure!

Paul Pierce led the way for the Celtics scoring 27pts and pulling down 10reb for a solid double double also Kevin Garnett had 16pts and 5reb.

For Celtic/Magic Game Highlights Click the Link Below:

The Celtics are now 36-9 which is the best record in the eastern conference.

Next up the Celtics will be at home against the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday @ 1:00pm est.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

5 In A Row: The C's Put A Deep Freeze on the Suns!

I think we are almost back to our regular routine of winning. Last nights MLK beatdown Vs the Suns showed the NBA that we are the champs and we are not playing around. We clearly played undersized against Shaq and Amarie but the key play of KG and Scals shows us that good ball movement and pesky defence will always outwit your opponents. I would like to commend Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen for there superb offence. Is it me or does Bill Walker have some real talent? He is going to be a major player with the present Celtic Dynasty!

Game Highlights Below:

I would like to give another shot out to the for posting my thoughts! You guys are awesome!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Are We Half Empty Or Half Full?

Yesterday officially marked the half way point of the season....already! The big question is are we half empty or half full? I would like to think we are half full only because we have the same record as last year (32-9) at the half way point of the season.

The reason i think we are half empty is because i still think as it stands our roster is not up to par with the Clevelands / L.A.'s length. It also looked like our Big 3 were very tired during our rough road trip we had out west and with only a dab of effort from our bench, times looked really tough.

In the NBA sometimes all it takes is for a team to get out of a slump is to win a couple games in a row.... no matter who it is! I think from here on in the Celtics know what they have to do to stay competitive in this league. I hope!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

State of Emergency: Who's To Blame?

I didn't want to blame anyone in particular but in order for me to function properly in my day to day life i need to vent off my feelings about this current disaster we are in.

Well first off lets go back to last nights game against Houston. With 10 sec left in the game we were down by a small margin. Instead of going to Ray Allen or Paul Pierce for the 3 pointer... what does Doc do? He gives it to Rondo. WTF is Rondo going to do with the ball. You give it to Ray or Paul shoot a 3 pointer then immediately foul the Rockets giving us a shot to tie it up. Last nights game I would have to put the blame on Doc Rivers for a poor decision making.

Also I am going to point the finger at Rajon Rondo for his poor effort on defense and inability to sink a basket. Big Baby and Leon Powe have answered the call as of late. But last night Yao took advantage of the big height advantage. And for Perkins....well as much as i love his royal beastiness he's got to step it up on a consistent basis. He's really all we have as far of size.

Now that I have vented, Im going back outside to shovel the snow that has covered my driveway for the 2nd time today and keep hoping Stephen Marbury joins the Celtics and cure us of our "cancer."

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Celtics Having a Good Slump?

These days a lot of fans out there are probably upset that the C's are in a slump. I think it is a good slump, well really there is no such thing as a good slump but if you would want to have one it would be right now. Its half way through the season (almost) with plenty of games left and the Lakers and the Cavs bothing losing games... we are still up there top 3 teams in the NBA. Lets just face it, next to the Nuggets we have played the most games in the NBA this season and not mention we are tired. We just need a little boost and we can come over this little hump.
I will tell you one thing Danny Ainge will make 1 for sure maybe 2 roster changes before the trade deadline. Doc looked to our bench last night. Leon and Big Baby really stepped up last night against the Bobcats. See to me the problem is every single team is playing like it's playoff time cause we are the champs and it is really taking a toll on our ageing big 3. All in all I think the addition of Starbury(if he ever gets his release from the Knicks) and A big man should take us to Banner #18!

Keep The Faith!

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome To Boston Celtics Today!

I am the Boston Clover G and this marks the first post for the Boston Celtics Today blog. I am very happy to write about the greatest franchise in NBA history with a Canadian perspective. You can find the latest scores, news, highlights and opinion articles on here daily! The site is new so give it a try!