Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ain’t No Love In Motown!

The stage was set last night, game 3 of 4 of the season series between the Celtics and Pistons at the Palace in Auburn Hills, MI. I can’t even explain to you how much hatred the fans of Detroit have for Paul Pierce and Kendrik Perkins. They call Paul a ‘Cry Baby’ and Perk a ‘Neanderthal’. Although at times it was kind of amusing to hear the fans express themselves in a childish manner, it was also embarrassing to see once a city so NBA strong to be so NBA weak. The attendance was a bit over half full! A Friday night game against the defending champs and you’re not sold out! WTF? I know times are tough but damn!

Back to Perk. All the fans in the Detroit kept saying all game that they can match with the Celtics except for Perkins… He was the X-factor. When Perk man handled Maxiell the fans were ready to jump on the court and beat the life outta Perkins. My buddy Mark and I starting high fiving, hugging each other and jumping up and down, celebrating despite the flagrant 2 call Perk received! That’s why we love Perk. His presence alone is startling! With Perk out of the game and minutes to play in the 4th the Pistons were down by 6 points and they couldn’t finish. With or without Perk the Pistons can’t beat Boston. The Pistons are officially a dead franchise. The sad thing is NOBODY ATTENDED THE FUNERAL!

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