Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Celtics Having a Good Slump?

These days a lot of fans out there are probably upset that the C's are in a slump. I think it is a good slump, well really there is no such thing as a good slump but if you would want to have one it would be right now. Its half way through the season (almost) with plenty of games left and the Lakers and the Cavs bothing losing games... we are still up there top 3 teams in the NBA. Lets just face it, next to the Nuggets we have played the most games in the NBA this season and not mention we are tired. We just need a little boost and we can come over this little hump.
I will tell you one thing Danny Ainge will make 1 for sure maybe 2 roster changes before the trade deadline. Doc looked to our bench last night. Leon and Big Baby really stepped up last night against the Bobcats. See to me the problem is every single team is playing like it's playoff time cause we are the champs and it is really taking a toll on our ageing big 3. All in all I think the addition of Starbury(if he ever gets his release from the Knicks) and A big man should take us to Banner #18!

Keep The Faith!

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