Thursday, January 8, 2009

State of Emergency: Who's To Blame?

I didn't want to blame anyone in particular but in order for me to function properly in my day to day life i need to vent off my feelings about this current disaster we are in.

Well first off lets go back to last nights game against Houston. With 10 sec left in the game we were down by a small margin. Instead of going to Ray Allen or Paul Pierce for the 3 pointer... what does Doc do? He gives it to Rondo. WTF is Rondo going to do with the ball. You give it to Ray or Paul shoot a 3 pointer then immediately foul the Rockets giving us a shot to tie it up. Last nights game I would have to put the blame on Doc Rivers for a poor decision making.

Also I am going to point the finger at Rajon Rondo for his poor effort on defense and inability to sink a basket. Big Baby and Leon Powe have answered the call as of late. But last night Yao took advantage of the big height advantage. And for Perkins....well as much as i love his royal beastiness he's got to step it up on a consistent basis. He's really all we have as far of size.

Now that I have vented, Im going back outside to shovel the snow that has covered my driveway for the 2nd time today and keep hoping Stephen Marbury joins the Celtics and cure us of our "cancer."

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